Important notice!!!

The tournament options in the registration form is ONLY obligatory to those players who want to play in the Nation cup on friday. You can change your selection on each registration in the morning before the tournament starts.


Hardy Range hat gesagt…

Hi Andreas & Johannes,

it is somewhat strange that during registration, I am asked to chose which tournament I want to play in on day 2.... :-)

a) How should I know?
b) If this is about counting seats needed, that should be relatively clear that day: 40 seats for EC day 2, and all others play the First Chance Qualifier?



andehua hat gesagt…

Hello Hardy,
of course it is not possible to foresee the future. So it doesn´t really matter what kind of choice you made for sunday. But people always have a choice not playing EC day 2 and instead the First Chance Qualifier.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I tried to register by choosing to pay on site, but eventzilla still insists that I have to pay online.
I would like to pre-register but is it only possible if I pay online?


andehua hat gesagt…

Hello Kaspar, just use the wire money/check option and pay us cash at the registration.